A full service agency that believes effective change comes though the marriage of considered brand strategy and digital experience. Founded in 2002.


We are a purposefully small and agile agency made up of creative, technical and strategic experts. We call on our combined skills in order to deliver expectation surpassing results, without the bureaucracy.


From memorable brand identities to best in class websites, we strive for creative excellence in everything we do. It’s at the heart of our business.


We believe that great results only come from thorough strategic thinking. We use our rigourous planning approach to define brand and marketing strategies, to help our clients achieve their business objectives.


Brands live and die by their customer experience, a poor performing website can destroy a brand’s reputation. As a result, we pride ourselves on always delivering user focused technical expertise.


Our strategic approach is always focused around the measurable core business objectives of our client.

We are UK based and work with clients on a national and international scale. Our objective approach, attention to detail and intelligent application of our broad and deep skill set, enables Lionhouse to create, build and promote clients’ brands, to enable them to grow.

We operate in both the D2C and B2B arena, often supporting both requirements for the same business. At the heart of our creative approach is a robust business system, which ensures our projects are delivered on time, to budget and to specification.

We listen to their background, seek to understand the factors pertaining to their situation and advise on an appropriate course of action, so that the customer can reach their potential. Our creative workflow process takes account of how the brief is developed, proposed, costed, plus project kick-off, the discovery stage, deliverables and project execution.

We have a senior team supported with a group of technical, creative and strategic experts.

Dan Yeo

MD & Digital Director

Dan is an expert in all things technical and digital experience and manages the Lionhouse studio. He works closely with our clients and our development team to deliver results and value. He has been with Lionhouse for over 15 years, helping develop and form the studio we are today.

Anthony Webber

Creative Director

Tony is our creative expert, developing effective and stand out solutions for our clients through design, strategy and user experience. He manages all creative output and works closely with our team of designers and developers. He has been with Lionhouse for 10 years helping to deliver consistently creative results.

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